The Beginning

This post is largely being written to get me thinking about what I should be mulling over today. What do you suppose that is? It’s the beginning of a book.
Now, I have the bad habit of starting novels I don’t finish. This means that even though I’ve finished 8 rough drafts of longer work over the past 9 years I’ve still written far more openings than endings. But this newest project on which I’m still drafting has a poor opening indeed. I’m trying to figure out what went wrong, because I think the rough draft I just finished had a far better beginning.
I keep coming back to the challenging part of the opening for me, which is delivering Character foundations. I’ve written 5k for this book and I still don’t know the main character well at all. It’s a matter of starting with a story-type opening. The result is I have an opening I think is exciting, but which doesn’t do much to establish the character.
Frankly, I’m peeved because I HAVE conflict, but it’s not related to the main character. Methinks I need to build up this character more in subtle ways, but that is proving difficult. I guess I tried to do something too quickly with the launch of this book. I’ve got to figure out what this story is about. That’s all right? Too bad that is in itself a big bite.
I’ve decided recently that I’m not qualified to offer writing advice. Thus I haven’t been updating this blog as much as in the past year, just for starters.


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