Brains and Guts and Pillars

Here I go, brainstorming on the internet. Welcome to a cold universe, burning here and there with circling energy sources and data points. Welcome to a universe physically unlike our own. Welcome to the Pillar Universe. Pillars of infinite height rise upward forever and sink downward through mist forever.

Whew, this is my oldest remaining fiction setting, and I’m finally writing the first novel in it. Over the past 10 years I have changed and tweaked what I see as a space opera setting (minus outer space) in order to make a more realistic and involved universe. The place is full of creatures, probably even livelier than our own terrestrial universe, and these creatures are both human and alien.

The challenge of actually writing a story in this setting is to make this bizarre universe (at least) initially relevant to the story. This book I’m writing is the Pillar Universe’s trial by fire. I don’t want to write too much about it here, but I am very excited.


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