Spots of News

I have returned! After a month of writing and working on my new freelance writing career I have come back to this space to tell you about my exploits.

The past four weeks have been tumultuous for my online correspondences. First of all the bad internet news I’ve dealt with (it’s mild for me, but still) – My personal favorite podcast the Roundtable Podcast (Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey’s wonderful show, the 48th episode of which I featured in) has gone on indefinite hiatus since Dave’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer sucks and this news really hit me pretty hard. Dave is such a great and positive guy, I wish him the best and will be waiting patiently for his return to the netwaves.

Other news gets better from here though.

I have finally started getting work through Elance, a website for online freelancers. Two jobs almost wrapped up for now, which spells the first time I’ve been paid for real work in my life. Both the jobs are ghostwriting so the particulars have to remain under wraps. For those who don’t know, ghostwriting involves a different person writing the work from the person whose name appears on it.

The time of the first Out of Excuses writing retreat by my second favorite podcast team is coming up in June… and I am going! Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and Brandon Sanderson, great writers all and I will be picking their brains for the all the knowledge I can get in a week. Can’t wait for that.

My own projects have slowed down. The deadlines I offered the clients for my freelance work were pretty tight, so I worked quite a lot over the last two weeks (and watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so sue me). As those wrap up I will be returning to my true path: Novels.

Fiction is like the blitzkrieg for me. The faster I hit the story, the better. So holding off on writing for myself during this intense work period proved a good choice. What will I do now, though? Time will tell. When it makes up its mind I will let you know.


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