Writing Excuses Retreat 2013 (And the Future)

I returned late last night from the Out of Excuses Retreat 2013, the first of an annual event held by several amazing people. Thanks not only to the staff and the cast of the podcast writing excuses, but also to the other students, for helping me learn a great deal in a week.

The retreat was a week long, in Chattanooga Tennessee. For a guy like me, that is an introverted mild autistic, the retreat could have been far scarier than it turned out to be. I felt awkward a fair amount, especially early on, as the four hosts of writing excuses (Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Brandon Sanderson) are some of my favorite writers working today. Everyone there was amazing, and I feel like I’ve finally met people at my level (in the form of the other students… the professors are a distance ahead at the moment).

For the classes to the writing sprints to the community of writers all us students were introduced to this past week I am glad.

I don’t think I’ll do it here, but I could carry on, and will at some point.

Amazing things happen when one takes a chance. I know for some people going to an awesome writing retreat would not feel like a gamble. As for me, I consider it one that paid off well immediately, and one I think I will keep benefitting from in the future.

So now I’m really out of excuses, and I count my lucky stars for being able to meet all these great people. For those of you who were at the retreat who are reading this–Don’t fear the gnomes.

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