Boredom, Joy, Enthusiasm

I know I have problems with expressing myself, both in writing (here on the blog and in fiction), and in person, especially when I get emotional. Here’s the bottom line, though: Some emotions are helpful for creation.

I’m forgetful, even with the best things in my life. I get carried away easily, and in the process I often lose track of why I started what I’m doing. Just the other day I was working on an RPG setting for fun, and then started generating solar systems for it and got lost in the minutia of moons and hydrosphere percentages. Yes, I sometimes like punching numbers into a spreadsheet, but it gets old quickly. Spreadsheet’s aren’t exactly the heartbeat quickening, the butterflies in the stomach, or the rush of adrenaline. It’s banality, and with banality all too often comes boredom.

Today, I want to talk about what brings me joy and its symptomatic partner, enthusiasm. But briefly, I want to tell you why I believe that’s so important. I have failed to remember joy far too often in the past. I loved story ideas and then executed on them in some of the most boring ways possible because I thought I had no choice. I have given up on things that excite me in favor of working on stories caught in the doldrums of misdirection. And I am trying to fight my way free of this.

I love ingredients of storytelling that lead to a feel of swiftness, power, and detail. I love angry, passionate characters, and they fascinate me because I never understood that side of my own life. I love fantastic places described well. Oh yes, and now I have to write some fiction.


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