I got another freelance writing gig. Can’t talk about specifics, but the freelance project has been among the things keeping me from posting on this blog. I started a couple of other posts, but threw them away for various reasons. But it’s Sunday morning and I’m tired. So here I am.

I had an interesting talk with a fellow roleplayer and a friend of mine yesterday. We worked a bit on a custom game he wants to run and then talked a bunch about old games he and I had played in and run. It’s strange really, because I felt more pride thinking about the games I’ve run in the past then about the books I’ve written. I think it’s partially out of the enthusiasm my friend had, and the fact we could actually TALK about these games. So perhaps I will like talking about my books just as much once I get skilled enough for people to actually enjoy reading them.

We did some brainstorming the other day. In person or over the internet, that’s one of the most amazing things to do when one has an enthusiastic team. I think brainstorming with other people is most fun when people can talk, but then, I love to talk with friends in general.

Anyway, just a short post today. It may be Sunday, but I still have work to do.

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