Fun with Web Building

I’m like a spider today, spinning my deadly web… and this pun is going nowhere good. I’m building a new website for future use over at It’s surprisingly fun to code html, or so I discovered yesterday. Somehow I managed to work on one project for four or five hours, which is pretty much unprecedented this year.

I think my enthusiasm had to do with the small amount I know about coding, and with how difficult I expected it to be compared to how difficult it actually seemed at the time. So I felt like I was learning fast. That is a satisfying feeling.

Now to harness this power for general use, or maybe just to catch flies. No, I definitely need this kind of mild focus to drive myself.

In other news, I just finished reading Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks for the first time. This book has one of the most brutal endings I’ve ever experienced as a reader (or writer for that matter). I love it, but it’s a sad, sad ending that had me a little in shock.

So now I turn my reading to something lighter, or at any rate shorter: Chuck Wendig’s “Black Birds” or Saladin Ahmed’s “Throne of the Crescent Moon” are both on the table. I’m looking forward to both, but today I make up my mind and actually delve into one of them. Feels good to read, and I know it helps me write.

That said, Freelance work is still in process so I don’t get to write much of my own stuff this week unless I power through the paying stories. Oh well, it’s hard to complain when money is coming in for once. So despite the fact that I’m trying to practice doing more difficult things, I think I’ll pass on the particular challenge of whining about being paid to write.

Got work to get to today. Got to play some Magic: The Gathering most likely, always a fun prospect despite my being outgunned in most games. So I’m gonna get to the writing of fiction before I butcher another sentence on this meandering post.

/ Or maybe I’ll write one more.

Retroactively make that two, no three more.

Buddha’s compassion be with you (Or similar friendly farewell).


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