Crush(ed) Finger

I crushed my finger in the door the other day. No serious damage, but a big bruise has formed on small extremity. It’s not comfortable, but I can still type.

But it reminded me of something.

When I was in college, as a freshman I took a short class called Changing the World. That class has influenced my worldview quite a lot. Turns out changing the world isn’t easy, but lots of people want to do it. A friend of mine, also taking that class, was (and is) very much the reverse of me in many ways.

Where I am a fairly tall and heavy individual, this friend is more moderately sized.

I am an introvert. This friend is the most extroverted person I know.

I have difficulty finding my excitement, my joy as I often refer to it. This friend always seems to bubble with enthusiasm.

We both like to talk, but I have trouble starting conversations. He… well, you get the idea by now.

All that stuff aside I find one thing especially telling. This friend had an entirely different attitude to romantic crushes than I did. In hindsight, I’d say its a matter of success. The way he talked and things he pointed out, I got the impression more than once that enjoyed the feeling of infatuation. To continue the duality here (And to tell the truth), I do not enjoy that sensation at all. It could be a matter of success, but I’m not sure.

He mentioned that he enjoyed the sense of having a crush.

For the longest time my thoughts on him were along these lines: “I don’t understand this guy. Not at all.”

But I can agree that a crush on another human is quite a bit better than having ones finger crushed in a door.

A crush on a human is much how I regard a cat. A cat looks soft and can be playful and fun. But cats have claws, so you’d best approach them with care.

A crush in a door is harsh punishment for a tiny mistake most people aren’t even going to consider when closing a door behind them. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. If I have a super power, its to be bad at stuff in which other people don’t even think its possible to possess skill levels.

It’s a broad power. Among the abilities it gives me is this: I can close a door one handed and crush my own finger.

But I guess that’s a side point.

I guess my point is that people can enjoy different things. Different people can get excited about different things. Some people can even enjoy the pain of a finger developing a bruise following an injury.

Now its time for me to get excited about my scenes for the day.

Have a good one everybody!
* * *

Thought for the day: If your power is inside you its like wind. If your power is outside you its like fire.

Animal of the day: (Yellow) Labrador Retriever
Because a dog can get excited about just seeing someone.


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