Let the Die Be Cast!

That title is a quote, for those who are not aware. It’s a translation of what Julius Caesar supposedly said before he marched his army over the River Rubicon toward Rome, essentially making him a rebel.

I love that quote. For one thing its considerably bad ass, for lack of a better term. For another, I like the motif of dice. I’ve played pencil and paper roleplaying games and wargames since I was a child and these games usually feature dice. So the motif resonates with me.

But one can imagine how Caesar must have felt when he declared war on his home city. Whatever his intentions, he is going through all this without a safety net. As a modern member of a very safe society I doubt I’ll ever be in such a crazy dramatic and dangerous situation. It inspires awe, and Caesar that won the war he started there, despite all odds, only makes the story crazier.

But why bring that up now? It’s a story I love, but I’d ask you to think about it in terms of a fantasy story for a moment. The general and his troops cross the point of no return, heroes or villains, and all truly human. To paraphrase a Winston Churchill quote, “…Walking with destiny…”

Think about how much drama exists in the world, even absent judgment of good and evil. That thought is pretty staggering to me. I’ve written some stories that had supernatural ‘god and the devil’ elements, but as far as my stories go they’ve gotten more and more involved with humans and less involved with creatures beyond human understanding.

I still enjoy supernatural and fantastic elements a lot. Even so, I enjoy humans more than ever.

My current work in progress is rooted in a fantastic universe, but its all about human characters, more than any of my prior works. I think the character element will make the story more to my liking than some of the ones I’ve written in the past.

So I’m going to write today. And I’m going to do my best to get to the people and yet maintain the superhuman drama that results not from larger than life situations, but from large as life people.
* * *

Thought for the day: Sometimes sleep is more important than work.

Animal of the day: Koala
Because relaxation is a fine way to spend a day. And between this and today’s thought I’m clearly tired.


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