Challenge and Effort

Do you like a challenge? I feel as though I should take more enjoyment from the challenges that arise in my life. Difficulties are more interesting than boredom, right?

I feel as though I’ve been criminally lazy throughout much of my life.

In writing, I find those challenges daily. But I have the bad habit of avoiding the conflict and avoiding answering the hard questions. I love writing, but I tend to want it to be easy as well as fun.

Fun though a calling may be, life and work are hard. Every job has its challenges. Thinking isn’t always easy.

I guess I’m not feeling too concrete today.

Up in the morning before the sun rises. And yet I don’t know if I’ll get much done today. It’s random. Seems I don’t get to choose which challenges I take on and which that beat me. But that isn’t true. I can choose to oppose the laziness that assails me. I can choose to push forward and work harder on one thing, then on next thing. I can choose to work harder. We can all choose to work harder if we have reason.

Some people need to learn to let go of challenges. I need to learn to meet them head on and engage with them. Embrace the fact that my job is full of variables that differ every day. I can move forward, solve a problem every day. Solve two or three or five problems every day. And keep going.

We are meant to not only endure, but also to thrive on challenges.

On a page, or out in the world there is joy in achieving. But there is corruption in expecting to achieve without effort. Effort is vital.
* * *

Thought for the day: The concept of ownership applies to actions as well as objects.

Animal of the day: Orca
Because even a beautiful creature can be playful, and even a playful creature can be cruel.


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