It involves transformation into higher forms, and in this way alchemy serves as the metaphor for life.

I have had this on my mind all morning, as I just finished an excellent novel by Paul Coelho by the Alchemist with a theme along those lines. It has proved very inspirational for me so far. So there’s are recommendation for you. Amazing book, not fantasy, so a bit off my usual trail, but wonderful.

This marks the third book I’ve read in three weeks. After a long drought of slow reading, I have to say, this has engendered a better feel for reading than I’ve had in a long time. And all I needed was permission to read what I wanted to read. For years I’ve listened to advice driving home points about how writers need to read, “especially outside their own genre,” but that isn’t enough to make me want to read.

Perhaps my motivational circuits are messed up, but constantly being told what to do (by recordings no less) killed my enthusiasm for things I always loved before. Oh well, that time is past, at least for reading. Today is about moving forward, not to forget the lessons I’ve heard too many times, but to use them as a platform to climb higher.

And that means leaving at least some of the stuff I’ve been obsessed with learning for years behind me. Realizations like this one happen to me often, but I feel the need to push further and stronger at the moment. In my life enthusiasm does not originate from pressure, it originates from freedom.

Maybe I’ll do something less inspirational-focused for this blog tomorrow. I’m a bit worn out by all the thoughts running through my head right now. We will see.

* * *

Thought for the day: Foundations are built in the darkness of the Earth, but buildings point toward the sun.

Animal of the day: Cockatiel
Because a bird kept for years can still have a voice.

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