Worlds Beyond Worlds

Yesterday, in conversation with my brother I thought of something I’d considered before. The thought took the form of a question I’ve asked myself before.

“Why do so many writers want to connect their stories in the same setting?”

This question came to mind for me because of a few examples. Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Sigler have all set many or most of their stories in one larger universe or timeline. King has a bizarre connected universe joined by his Dark Tower books especially. Sigler has all his stories in one universe, in one time. Sanderson connects all his books via a wider cosmology.

I don’t link my settings like these authors, hence the question. So it makes me genuinely curious how much of this is just personal taste, how much is fan service, and how much is marketability for those who do it. I have a lot of settings, and I don’t combine them unless I want them to function together.

Maybe I want them all to be distinct because the stories seem trivialized in certain ways if the story doesn’t impact the greater universe in some way. That isn’t a very firm idea. I doubt its true on any level. But I want my settings to be distinct from each other.

The question has been on my mind before, because back when I was obsessed with the roleplaying game Mutants and Masterminds I came up with setting after setting for my own enjoyment. I posted the characters for theses settings on a forum, organized by world and was asked often if my settings came together at any point. And I always told them they did not.

Making worlds is what I do to relax. I have no need to reason them all into existence at once.
* * *

Thought for the day: A story set on Earth is still in a world of its own.

Animal of the day: Mole
Because digging deep takes time.


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