Lucky Terror

I’m still regaining my composure from the situationm that triggered my last blog post. A lot has changed for a single day between then and now.

How so?

I am on a new computer, writing this in a notepad document because I don’t have word or my nice scrivener files to write in on this new machine.

And I survived my first writing group. Survived isn’t even the right word. It was fun. It was enlightening. I already have a great idea of a few things to fix in the early part of my book.

I’m almost ashamed of my semi-breakdown yesterday. But I’m not there yet, either. I might have been silly, but it made sense at the time.

And at least no one got hurt but me.

So today I start work on another freelance job. It’s a good one, and its gonna help pay for prepping something I’ve had to delay for a few reasons that I won’t detail here.

I am a lucky person to have a life where such a simple thing as the writing group is the thing I’ve dreaded the most in some time.

I’m rambling already, but here’s a brief point I’m trying to learn:

Rejection, whether social or business-related, is nothing but acknowledgement that you tried. That I tried.

No need to fear it.

No need to dread rejection. If anyone thinks less of someone because that someone wrote a book they think dumb that anyone has greater problems than having read a crappy story.

And the moment someone thinks less of a journeyman because the journeyman is not a master, that person is the bigger fool.

Who expects perfection in a world where no element is perfect?

* * *
Thought for the day: Who despises error in a world filled with mistakes is negative by choice, not by necessity.

Animal of the day: Tiger Shark
Because every creature has its predators, even if those predators take the same form.


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