Let the Games Begin!

Good Saturday to you, good neighbor on the internet.

Today I’m a little late writing this post because I got distracted by two things.

1. Transferring music to my new computer.
2. Playing a game called Hearthstone.

It’s funny that just a few months ago I’d have said I’d never be able to get into a game so much again. Well, I was wrong, and I’m not sure if I’m happy about it or not. On the one hand the game is enjoyable, and competing against even silent opponents online makes feel less alone. On the other hand I need to spend more time writing not goofing off.

Oh well, I’m getting there.

I’ve got a freelance job to do, and I’ve got my novel to work on.

But neither of these things was on my mind this morning. I have to hand it to Blizzard. They know how to make an addictive game. Much of the world discovered that with Starcraft, and perhaps even more with World of Warcraft. I never played World of Warcraft, but Hearthstone is interesting enough to have me playing far more than I have played any video game since before college.

But yes, today I’m starting a new feature at the end of each post. It’s yesterday’s words! Yesterday’s words will consist of a brief to very brief line from the book I’m working on, written the previous day. I’m trying to avoid wordcount obsession because it strikes me as useless, but I need a tool to motivate more time before the keys. Perhaps my desire to share good stuff with all of you will be enough to make me spend time at this once again. I do however, reserve the right in the case of sensitive spoilery material, to take days off of Yesterday’s words excerpts. In those cases I will post the wordcount from the previous day instead, and that should serve as a motivational substitute. Keep in mind, I’m trying to write full time, so these wordcounts are downright embarrassing at the moment.

Have a good day!
* * *
Thought for the day: Does it really hurt so much?

Animal of the day: Zebra
Because what looks like a horse cannot always be tamed.

Yesterday’s Words:
DiBaram glanced at her. “I’m going to make this thing spill its guts, one way or another.”
“He’s helpless. You can’t plan to torture him!” Dara took an unsteady step toward DiBaram, one hand still holding onto the arm of the chair to brace against the rough deceleration of the ship.
“Helpless? Hardly. I am a Hunter of the DiBaram Clan, I’ll do as I see fit.”


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