Now on to Chapter 36!

I have been writing this morning. Up early, kicking some butt. Figured out part of the problem with my recent chapters: they’ve involved the main character not having enough to do. That’s a serious issue, but not insurmountable, and its better to catch it now and correct my attitude toward the book as I go forward with it. Action is heating up again as of this cold morning in MN and the end of chapter 35.

So on to Chapter 36.

This story is over 2/3 of the way to its end, and I hope I can fall in love with this story before I finish the rough draft.

But I have a lot of other stuff on my plate, between freelance and work on the novella which I excerpted for yesterday’s words due to my not having time to write in the novel later. I finished that job, though, and I’m happy to have another one to work on today. I’ve already written in the novel for today, and hopefully I’ll have more later, though I expect to be pretty busy much of the day.

Regardless of how much time I spend, I’m glad to be working on it, and grateful to be doing something I love both for money and for my dream. It’s true what that particular Harry Chapin song says, though, “Good dreams don’t come cheap…”

I love that song, and the title is pretty perfect for an artistic view of the world: There Only was One Choice.

Some day I’m going to have to do an essay on that.

But for now, I hope you have a good day.

* * *

Thought for the day: Action begets action. Inaction begets inaction.

Animal of the day: The Bison
Because the powerful can often be led astray.

Yesterday’s Words: (I wrote in a different story from my novel yesterday)
The silver disk of the research station swam into view through swirling clouds of red and yellow gas. From the center of the station’s main disk, a spire of the same silver descended into the thicker clouds, the station’s stabilizer. Around that needle played the smooth shapes of okons, far smaller than the station, but shapes still visible, double helix tails spiraling from them to be lost in the clouds.


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