The Repeated Struggle

Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Try to really wake up and sit in front of the computer. Try to write…

I’ve got a pretty easy life. I’m a lucky guy. I have the job I dreamed about, albeit with somewhat less fame and money than I eventually hope to achieve (Both of those will remain modest at their height, I expect). I’m a bit uncomfortable discussing this, but I feel an overpowering urge to screw this up all too often. And rather than appreciate my good fortune and chance at this game, I daily despair over the existence of any sort of trouble in my mind.

This is foolishness, and I know that as I write this. I’m going to get out there and do more work for hire. I’m going to write more for myself. This 60 day process is approaching its middle, and I enjoy this daily blogging so much I think I might well keep going in one form or another after this period. The books won’t write themselves, or rather, I need to give them the time to come out, and work to shape them as they do.

Lately I have been discovery writing. That makes me what George R R Martin calls a gardener. I’ve tried outlining, and the more I outline, the more I end up with a dead fish for a product. And I want my books to be lively. Only at the end of last summer did I try discovery writing again, and it returned a lot of enjoyment in the process. I’ll still outline if I need to (for hire work, for example), but writing is much more enjoyable for me when I discover my way through things.

It’s taken me years to realize an effective process, in part because I was in academia, and in part because outlining seemed like an easier way about writing a big story. It simply doesn’t work for me.

Alright, where was I?

Oh right. I have to try harder.

And you know, sometimes that means closing the blog an getting back to the novels. Have a good day!

* * *

Thought for the day: Reverse everything and you’ll simply be looking in a mirror. Nothing will have truly changed.

Animal of the day: The Lemur
Because creatures named for ghosts can still be lively.

Yesterday’s Words:
“They targeted DiKandar Hall,” Mosam said. “Took out her transit engines.”
“We’re still in the corridor, then.” Yajain looked up at Mosam. “Do you know how far it is to the end?”


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