Continuity Break

The struggle continues. And today I move forward.

Yesterday I spoke with another of my brothers. He indulges me a lot more than my twin, so I ended up talking about four different novels I’m working on or plan on working on again in the future.

But as I talked (And boy did I talk) about these books I found myself thinking about how many book and story ideas I was NOT talking about. And I remembered, as I tend to remember when I think too much, that I really do want to write all these things. And writing all these things is a lot easier when I stay sharp.

I’m gonna do my best to stay sharp today, so I can write more words and make some headway on this current book.

How do I plan to stay sharp?

-Physical Exercise: Keep the endorphins flowing…

-Physical Hunger: But don’t get comfortable…

-Breaks to think: 5 minutes every so often to take a pace break.

I especially like the 5 minute breaks. I might try the 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off pomodoro technique, what with the real possibility that I may be burning out each day by writing too much all at once and sitting in the chair too much without working. So I’ll sit in the chair for 25 minutes and then walk around and stretch for 5 minutes.

It’s time. I’m ready. I got my stuff ready to go, and only one appointment to make today. Not gonna waste this time.

* * *

Thought for the day: Always moving forward can lead to losing details far behind.

Animal of the day: Salmon
Because swimming up stream will lead everyone into danger.

Yesterday’s Words:
The conference room near Castenlock’s bridge buzzed with the hubbub of the officer’s talking to those around them. This was a room Yajain had only been in a few times, during survey briefings, and now she stood in the lowered center of a room laid out like a circular theater with seats on three tiers up to the top of this room.


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