A Moment of Pain

I woke up late today. And man did I hurt.

For all the talk of sleep being lousy for me, I only feel really lousy upon waking up.

Could be because I’m big. Oh well. Today I need to get to work, and harder than usual.

I’ve got writing to do. But I’ve got forward motion on my mind.

How can I improve my work ethic, especially in the afternoon? How can I sleep like a stone? Not sure at the moment.

This story is in an old setting, but the story itself is bleeding edge for me. I’m rambling now…

Hope you’re all doing well.

* * *

Thought for the day: A painful awakening is better than not awakening at all.

Animal of the day: Peregrine Falcon
Because an animal can make a fine projectile.

Yesterday’s Words:
The officers looking on remained silent. Some faces looked stunned, others curious. Mosam turned to the hologram. “Tell them what you told me back on the hunter’s hall, about the Orders.”


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