Morning Page Blogging

I’ve been looking over the spiritual course-book The Artist’s Way again lately. For those of you not acquainted with this book, its the distillation of a process by which one can take steps closer to one’s inner artist. This book is not as a pretentious as it sounds, although it is pretty touchy-feely if that makes sense.

One of the key elements of the course is the writing of pages first thing in the morning. Sort of what I’m doing with this blog right now. I don’t always have an article or an essay in me when I start this, as you can probably tell. I write whatever comes into my head (with some censorship) and thusly I ramble. The blog is good for this in my opinion, because when showed no one the pages I ended up writing repetitive phrases and profanity just to fill up the page count. That doesn’t strike me as being terribly helpful.

Continuity in the writing process makes me happy. I enjoy reading pieces where themes diverge and then reunite throughout the story. I like it especially well when I get through a long period of time and have almost forgotten about the prior thematic resonance and then they rejoin each other in climactic moments.

I have to write more. Are you tired of me writing that yet? I know. So am I. I’m off to the races again. And once again, I hope you’ll wish me luck. See you tomorrow!

* * *

Thought for the day: Time is not a guarantee.

Animal of the day: Lynx
Because big cats and small cats don’t blog.

Yesterday’s Words:
Mosam whirled to face the hologram of the tyrant. His face twisted, half lighted with awe, half folded in rage. His mouth opened, but he did not seem able to form words.
Rowuz laughed, a derisive acid sound. “What’s wrong, holy human? Do you doubt your righteousness now?”


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