Yesterday I shifted my attitude just slightly. Wrote 2000 words. A good start. Writing actually made me stay up later.

Just a little push forward got me there. I’m pleased. Just a tiny shift and I claimed a measure of success for the day. Now wordcount isn’t everything. I’ve definitely been a slave to it in the past. No, the important part is that I achieved a goal. I made the forward press mean something.

This wasn’t all my own doing. A friend of mine offered to provide deadline where I had to turn in the 2000 words each day. Its odd because I already feel it working. I got motivated by something little like that. Its as if I just needed a gentle push to shift my attitude into a productive mode.

I’m doing 2000 words again today and tomorrow and so on. But I’m not going to stop blogging either. And I promise I won’t always be on about my wordcount when I do.

I’m just excited because it turns out I just needed to work more and I’d feel quite a bit better.

What a beautiful feeling! And yet, being in control of my own destiny is somewhat daunting. I can’t let that slow me down or I’ll end up right back in the same soup as before. Maybe there’s a lesson in there. I’ve been writing for nine and a half years and sometimes I feel as though I’ve forgotten almost as much as I’ve learned. That’s not as beautiful of a feeling.

So I’m going to do my best to prove false as I keep moving forward. Yeah, I don’t feel as sharp as I did in college. But I have the skills to do what I’ve been striving to do for so long. And I’m beginning to build the skills to enjoy it. And that’s the perspective a day of meeting my goal will do for me.

* * *

Thought for the day: Experience is a fine guide, and one we all have.

Animal of the day: Caiman
Because they may look like alligators, but they have to live in fear of the truly fierce.

Yesterday’s Words:
Yajain felt her eyebrows raise. “Who told you about that?”
“Finder Boskem enjoys drinking, but not as much as I do.”
“What else did he tell you?”

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