Ashes of Discovery

I screwed up yesterday. I had no plan to take the day off of writing, but then I did anyway. What a mess I felt like by the end. That’s a sign the habit of writing has taken root, though evidently not enough to make me keep going on an off day.

Sometimes one can’t make up for what they’ve done. Missing a day of writing is like that.

I don’t know what else there is to say, but that won’t stop my fingers moving at the moment. In general I don’t think taking a day off is bad. Taking a day off unplanned is lousy, however.

Life isn’t easy. Even this job I always wanted has challenges. But I get to do it nonetheless. The problem is that I have little supervision. I can goof off all day if that suits me. But that’s not how one gets work done. I have stop letting myself fool around and treat my work like some kind of ordeal to be avoided. Make no mistake, sometimes writing feels like an ordeal. But its never something to be avoided.

Even if this puts me in the basement, huddled next to a space heater and typing with gloves on. If that’s what I need to do, that’s what needs to be done. Granted, I’m actually in the basement so I can listen to music while I do this, but I think the idea still holds true.

I’ve got stories to tell and worlds to explore. And I can only explore them first hand while I’m typing. I’ll discover the things my characters learn. I’ll see what they see. But only when I take the time to sit here and do what used to be so natural for me.

And that’s what I have today.

* * *

Thought for the day: “They” pushes people aside. “We” draws people together.

Animal of the day: Rat
Because fear is often mutual.

Yesterday’s Words: 25 Words


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