Day 31

Today I pass the midpoint of the 60 days. Today is day 31. And I feel good. I woke up earlier than I have been, but today that felt right on time. And I feel ready to write, to give it everything I’ve got until the job’s done.

I was miserable yesterday afternoon, not having written enough, but it now occurs to me how foolish that was. I need not beat myself up over writing. All the job of writing demands from me is time. Time at the keyboard. Time thinking about books. Time not filling my head with potentially bullshit and definitely subjectively useful advice from who knows where on tap at all times.

Today writing will be my engine, not my burden.

I feel transformed, which is odd for overnight, especially for me. Usually I feel better in the morning than I do at night. But today is even more extreme. I have a plan to think myself into writing more words. To hell with the old way I did things. To hell with the glorious writing marathons I’ve done before. Today I have a goal. Today I’m going to do my damnedest to meet that goal.

The sun has broken through my clouds early today. The cycle is shattered and animals are acting strange from the too-soon light. And I couldn’t feel better about it. There ares still things to do besides writing. But I who awakened early today, will not let them interfere with my progress. As all writers must, I will carve time from the ether to forge sessions for my own powerhouse writing. I’m about to seize Mjolnir and heft the hammer of the thunder god over my head. Maybe there was a trace of Indra’s soma in something I drank last night. Time to cast off from the shore’s of the lotus eaters and move forward. Thrive.

I will struggle if I must struggle, but at the end of the day I know that if I do what I plan I will feel myself thriving.

Don’t worry for me, though best of luck and good wishes will not be dismissed. I’ve got this. And not just today, but every day I choose from now on. I have found power. And it is in me, as it has been, only buried. I’m awake and alive and I feel ready to take on this page.

Joy cannot be overstated. The joy I feel today is power. Lord knows I don’t know from whence it flows, but I have inkling of why it is flowing now. I have begun to conceive once again of the reality I wish to live. The path lies before me, as it has for months. Time to walk it. Time to run it. Time to move toward the horizon, in glory and amazement, in appreciation and fascination, in joy and might.

Breakfast: eaten.
Lunch: prepared.
Dinner: in the distance.

The meal of the day lies before me now. And today I will not rush through the appetizers to the main course. Today I savor every bite.

Today I write.

So I’ll leave you with a brief dialog from the Koans of Chinese Buddhist Philosopher Ummon:
Monk: “What is the one road of Ummon?”
Ummon: “Personal Experience!”
Monk: “What is the Way?”
Ummon: “Go!”
Monk: “What is the road, where is the Way?”
Ummmon: “Begin walking it!”

* * *

Thought for the day: Think the way you will when you have become a master, and you may find the path easier to walk.

Animal of the day: Horse
Because having four legs makes you a fast sprinter.

Yesterday’s Words:
A figure broke through the circle of frozen dancing couples. He had a powerful build and his field covered him in mist from which beams of light issued in the breaks. “What is the meaning of this violence?” he said.


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