A Meditation on Metal

News first. A lot of stuff happened yesterday, though it doesn’t change much (if anything) for this blog. I clinched the deal on the biggest and most profitable freelance job I’ve gotten yet. That is exciting, but I can’t say much else about it due to my agreement with the client to an NDA for this ghostwriting gig. Suffice to say, it pays pretty well and I’ll be working on it for some time.

I’m not beta reading for two other writers and I want to get this Heinlein read for Thursday too… All in all, things are gonna be busy for a while. But I’m still writing. I did well at it yesterday. And I’m still blogging. Because its fun.

Today I feel like admitting something that long time readers of this blog already know: I’m a fan of metal music. I feel nothing wrong with that. Metal often includes the fantasy and science fiction elements I love to read. But I wouldn’t be listening to bands like Soilwork or Devin Townsend Project if I didn’t like the sound. It’s not the only good music out there. Far from it. But Metal is my favorite genre. It’s just as varied as any other genre, and perhaps more varied than some.

And, important to me, my favorite metal albums also at least dabble in progressive rock effects. I like prog rock, but more importantly this melding means many of these songs and albums tell stories. That helps me contextualize why songs sound a certain way. One of the potential problems with metal is that it can come off as dark for darkness’s sake. That’s fine sometimes, but can get old or depressing after a while, in my opinion the band Nevermore, for example. But, to continue the example, Nevermore has a lot of story-driven pieces and those I like best of their work. A bit of story goes a long way to making the song not just some guy screaming or growling about the ire of the day, not that there’s always a problem with that.

Anyway, I’ve recently been listening to a bit more death metal than I had in the past. Tastes for me seem to be slippery slope. At one point I only liked one death metal band. Now I listen to stuff with vocals like that interspersed all the time. And I’m happy about it.

I’ve got to write some fiction for myself now. Got plans later today.

Have a good one folks!

* * *

Thought for the day: Who thought of shaping heated metal but one who is lost to history?

Animal of the day: Badger
Because toughness can make for a lack of size.

Yesterday’s Words:
Images began to arise unbidden the more smoke Yajain inhaled. Images of ships clashing with beams. Burning caphodel trees plummeted into the abyss. Terraces crumbled. The dark side of Haxos Mirror burned as bright as the side facing Edrid. Illsirree who never wanted to see war again died with weapons in hand.


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