Bread and Butter

I’ve discovered lately that, while having a deadline long-term is decently useful for me, I find it very hard to meet one daily. Even so, I’m going to be persisting on the current goal. Two thousand words a day. I didn’t hit it yesterday, but hopefully I’ll manage it today.

The book is still going well. I feel good about it.

I should add that most of the books I’ve written in the past felt embarrassing to me when I reread them, and sometimes even in the midst of the writing process. I think this one is likely better because I don’t feel that way about it. Currently, I also feel as though its got a better story than most of the past stuff, maybe all of it.

You may be curious why I’d be embarrassed during editing. I’m not one hundred percent positive, but I think it was because part of me, the part that reads, was aware on some level of the actual poor quality of that work. It’s all been useful, as stepping stones, just as this book will be useful to me whether its published or not. I’m striving for something I can be proud of, not something that will simply sell fast. I’ve had this attitude for a while. A fellow student of mine told me I ‘wanted to write a classic’, and that’s a misunderstanding of what makes a so-called classic story. What becomes classic is at least partially affected chance.

In any case, writing fiction is my bread and butter. I’ve already started getting paid for it every now and then. I plan on releasing some of my own shorter work soon (now that it exists), but that’s soon by my own glacial standards. In this case I mean: later this year. I’ve got stuff to do. My own work to write. Work for hire to write. And of course, this approaching release to edit. I’m pleased that writing is becoming my bread and butter. Time to really buckle down and treat it like the job it has become. A joyful job, but a job that must be done.

Also, today I’m introducing a new feature below!

This feature is Album of the day. That’s some volume of music I’ll be listening to during the day. It won’t be the only one (I usually listen to music while I’m writing), but I figure that way I can talk about music more often when I feel like it.

* * *
Thought for the day: Which came first the person or the system?

Animal of the day: Wild Boar
Because wild pigs don’t have to take anything from anyone.

Yesterday’s Words:
Through the dancers on the balconies, she spied a lanky form a head taller than most of the others. The towering figure was swathed in pale blue and shiny silver diamond shapes that changed positions over a field of black. And he wasn’t dancing, but strode among the others as if looking for something. His mask had no face, and no way to distinguish front or back.

Album of the Day: Kezia by Protest the Hero


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