Survival Magic

Just an idea today. An idea I’m probably not going to have time to use myself. I come up with so many ideas I sometimes need to get one or more of them out of my system. This post is a setting and story brainstorm, but enough disclaimers.

Fantasy. Potentially of the epic variety.

Great empires of high technology and magic have risen and fallen. The world has been reclaimed in large part by nature and the survival of humankind is threatened by animals and hybrid creatures enhanced by magic from the past running free. The only way for humans to survive is to maintain a legacy of the magic used by the empires of old.

Without agriculture and with far reduced populations from the time of empires, humans are reduced to hunting and gathering in small bands. Some bands join into larger alliances and try to control larger areas. And the beasts that now have a fighting chance force magic users to keep hunting for more power at all times just to make sure their band isn’t destroyed by nightmarish creatures.

Into this world is born a child born bleeding with many cuts that become scars as he grows. He is possessed of some magical talent at first, but his true power is to bond to others telepathically and magically when they taste his blood. As he grows, this scarred child becomes the best hope for his band, but he’s an outsider as much as a potential leader because of his strange ability.

In the winter of his fifteenth year, the band heads sound to the edge of the desert where its warmer but food is scarce, and encounter for the first time a city that floats over the land, the remains of a great empire’s capitol. And it swarms with bizarre modified creatures and intelligent hybrids that now run the city.

The scarred youth contends with these creatures in the struggle to survive. In the process he and his band will discover the true disaster that scoured the world of most human life. Ancient technology. Powerful magic. Deadly beasts.

Yeah, I felt lazy today. There’s a bit of a book idea. That’s the sort of thing I would write, but probably won’t. It’s fair game if you’re a writer and are into this sort of nonsense. But send me a link if you put that up anywhere, or post a reply with an excerpt. No pressure. Have a good day.

* * *
Thought for the day: Good neighbors make good fences.

Animal of the day: Chimpanzee
Because the animal can resemble the human, and the human is an animal on a base level.

Yesterday’s Words: 50 (Ugh, I really slacked off)

Album of the Day: Heavenly Ecstasy by Pagan’s Mind
Just listened to this for the first time yesterday while walking around in the streets. Really great power metal type stuff. Judas Priest or classic Queensryche style vocals at their most over the top. Had a positive vibe, if not a light one. Very enjoyable.


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