Sleepless Saga

Today I am to be a busy bee. Not gonna be easy, because the dog kept getting up in the night and I had to let her outside. So I was up early after incomplete sleep cycles. I don’t mean to complain too much. She’s a sweet animal, but very needy.


Today I’m working freelance. Today I’m writing for myself. Today I’m not eating any meat or snacks.

So there you go. I need to buckle down. I’ve been losing my mind lately. Sleep deprivation won’t assist in that battle.

All the world is a stage shaped like any oyster. But the pearls they find make you sleepy until you scrape them from the corners of your eyes. Madness, I tell you, leads to conditions unknown.

This post is on fire and there’s no one at the wheel. Let’s think about something important, something we so rarely show each other, but which we should always make an effort to display.


Preach it! Preach it!

Ugh. Stream of consciousness doesn’t suit me. See you all tomorrow. And I hope you look at the world with a less addled gaze than I.

* * *
Thought for the day: What a mess we find ourselves in every day.

Animal of the day: Amoeba
Because being amorphous and flexible is a valuable skill.

Yesterday’s Words: 576 (Still not there)

Album of the Day: Deadwing by Porcupine Tree
I haven’t listened to this one in ages. But its amazing progressive rock, with an emphasis on rock.


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