The Way of the Keyboard

It may just be a legend, but I believe it comes from a culture of martial arts in East Asia. I can’t remember which one, probably China, but maybe Japan. Its about sword training. The students come in to train with the master, but the master tells them to meditate on the sword for days, weeks, before they ever hold the sword. At that point they have sessions just to hold the sword for weeks before swinging it. Finally, the student learns to use the sword. But first the student must be willing to take time and observe their weapon.

Yesterday I was frustrated with writing, and was chatting with a friend on facebook. He’s always been a very motivated and positive person, at least in my opinion, and he’s been helping me with my motivation lately. He told me to write for an hour and to stare at the screen with no distractions, even if I don’t write. I tried it. I did a good wordcount in an hour. It’s a start, and you can see in the Yesterday’s Words feature today that I made a moderate wordcount goal of 2000 words eventually.

This has been a great revelation I’ve had in one way or another before. Early in college I felt willing to spend as much time as it took to write when I had it available. Right now I feel as though I may write for a lot longer today, especially as I have freelance work to write on. And I’m just about to that stage where I’ll kick that story into gear. My current work in progress feels far more energized than it did just two days ago. I’m ready to rock.

But I wouldn’t have made it here without the will to do nothing, if that’s what it takes. Can you hear that? That’s my fingers tappng away.

* * *
Thought for the day: Breath is not exactly life, but for humans it comes close.

Animal of the day: Angelfish
Because fish can fly in their own way.

Yesterday’s Words: 2035 (Hit the mark! Will post actual words tomorrow, promise!)

Album of the Day: Crack the Skye by Mastodon
This was my first Mastodon album, but after this I got into their work in a big way. Later I got into the work of other bands named after large animals, Giant Squid for example. Anyway, this is probably the least heavy Mastodon Album, and its quite beautiful.


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