Ghost Ship

Another Brainstorm for you today…

Genre: Urban Fantasy (with Science Fiction Elements)

The day the ghosts returned to earth not all of them were human. The spirits of departed humans brought the ghosts of other worlds with them. And they came back in a way nobody expected, not through possession or haunting, well not completely. Ghosts came out as conscious, and varied. From banshees to poltergeists, these ghosts push humankind and the new ghosts toward new technology. And that technology includes not only the means for ghosts to become corporeal again, but for humankind to spread beyond the solar system, via something akin to supernatural warpgates that run like highways through shadowy realms between life and death.

Humankind spreads. But in doing so we encounter another enemy. The mechanical denizens of a place beyond our universe. These arcane machines wage a war against humankind across space and beyond. There is a question on the minds of the universe. Do mortals, both living and dead have what it takes to defeat the machines?

This is the universe our protagonist lives in. She is the pilot of a ghost driven passenger ship, shooting through the lanes between mortality and the everlasting. The eternal realms can be dark or light, and when the protagonist’s ship is hired by an important official she learns too-late of on—board sabotage that strands the ship in a realm of deepest torment. Can the crew save their passengers or themselves and escape from this hell?

* * *
Thought for the day: Humans game the systems of nature.

Animal of the day: Rhinoceros
Because a horn doesn’t make an animal predator.

Yesterday’s Words: 0 (For the book. A few for my Freelance job, but can’t share them. Sorry!)

Album of the Day: Into the Labyrinth by Dead Can Dance
I haven’t listened to this one all the way through before. I love the middle of it, but like some other Dead Can Dance albums I’m not as fond of the later songs so far.


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