Bones of the Past

Hang on tight folks. It’s another brainstorm! Doing this one a hundred percent right now.

Genre: Fantasy

It all began with bones. The bones of ancient creatures left to bleach in the desert sun, monsters slain my mortals. And from these monstrous bones humanity fashioned armor and weapons to battle each other. All that is mythology now. As humans live and die they build up their own remains. And the earliest hint of another species arising has begun to fashion tools from the bones of humans.

The ancient armor and weapons made from the destroyed beasts have become relics, not fully understood, but fully employed by those who have them to conquer or destroy other mortals. The powerful are oblivious to the slow rise of the new peoples from the animal realms.

Our heroine is a young woman from a city guarded by four sentinels of stone and the skills of ten warriors clad in bones. The city lies between the frontier where the rising creatures are becoming a threat, and the war torn heart of human civilization where chariots rumble across fields of battle. Our heroine is outside the city showing her family’s chariot-pulling horses to a merchant in need of fast guards for travel between the warring nations when she sees an army approaching. And this army is not one composed of humans, but of the newly arisen reptilian peoples. They wear the bones of humans, and wield weapons crafted from the same.

The city is under siege by creatures humans never took seriously before. This young woman volunteers to join a group of chariot riders trying to break through the lines to bring the message to the next city in hopes of getting help and saving her city.

* * *
Thought for the day: Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein

Animal of the day: Bald Eagle
Because back in the day people knew the importance of looking bald.

Yesterday’s Words:
Drafts of chill air blew from open climate control ports that blustered over the sleek, ten meter black ship that floated in a lowered portion of the the hangar bay. The skin on Yajain’s neck turned to gooseflesh. Pansar stopped beside her.
“I called in a favor with the agency to have this shipped aboard the Ghost Hammer.” Pansar folded his arms and smiled. “I hope its useful.”

Album of the Day: The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden is definitely up there in years as far a metal acts go, and they were when they put this album together just a few years ago. But its a great bit of their style. Indeed, it may be one of their most consistently strong albums ever.


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