44 Savages

I have stuff in the works for many science fiction and fantasy settings, and even more settings gathering dust. I may have mentioned before how I sometimes wonder why it seems like many authors want their stories to all exist in one continuity. I’ve been thinking about Roleplaying Games a lot too lately. So here’s the equation: Old Settings + Roleplaying Games = Distraction.

I turn fiction settings into RPG settings. I turn RPG settings into fiction settings. I build settings to be both frequently. And I waste a lot of time doing the above. I find it mildly relaxing, but probably not enough to justify the time I spend doing it. I have way more ideas than I write at any moment.

I want to make it clear how this is all a byproduct of too much creativity practice and not enough time spent writing fiction.

But the name of this post is related to an old setting of mine (44 Dragon was the old working title), and an Roleplaying System I want to make it work in (Savage Worlds). I don’t know if I’ll go into it much today. You see, I’m writing two novels right now. One for me, one for a client, and I’m editing the first in a series of ebooks when I have time. That ebook will be in the setting that grew out of the setting and terminology from 44 Dragon.

For that, I’ve got stuff set up. I wrote a decent rough draft that needs some expanding and fleshing out. And I have a series in mind to follow it. It’s all coming together, but I have to finish it off sometime this spring or early summer. I’m gonna be pretty quiet on the subject matter of this story. But its coming.

Now to push the RPGs away for another day. Time to write.

* * *

Thought for the day: Action costs effort. Inaction costs time and breeds anger.

Animal of the day: Mouse
Because Muad’Dib comes in unassuming guise.

Yesterday’s Words:
Aboard the Solnakite, Yajain slipped off the inactive heatsuit and looked down at the sword she’d taken from the scanner that still spiraled up and down the outside of Haxos Pillar. The blade sat, wrapped in a spare sheet from the bed with no sheath.

Album of the Day: Love, Ire, and Song by Frank Turner


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