Next Hurdle

Yesterday proved to be another tough day.

I gotta be fair, I have a good attitude in the morning pretty consistently, but with equal consistency my attitude diminishes in quality at night. I need an attitude adjustment, but not now. I need the attitude adjustment in the afternoon, or I need to maintain my morning-fresh attitude all day. Regardless, I need a better attitude to tackle my stuff.

What’s on my plate today?
Writing Freelance
Writing for Myself

And that’s it. But with a bad attitude its much, much harder to tackle any job. So I’m gonna be doing my best to think better thoughts. I noticed yesterday that my thoughts tended toward irrational unhappiness and craziness later in the day, especially when I eat too much and don’t get enough exercise.

It’s my goal to watch this stuff carefully. And its my goal to make stuff using that good attitude.

* * *

Thought for the day: Your attitude creates your life.

Animal of the day: Blue Heron
Because a rare and beautiful predator is still a predator.

Yesterday’s Words: 0 (For myself. Weak, I know, but I did more that I just can’t share.

Album of the Day: Images and Words by Dream Theater
This is one of the earliest Dream Theater Albums, and also the first one to feature their long-term lead vocalist James Labrie. Years of listening to this one and I still find it, the later few tracks especially, awe inspiring.


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