The Scythe: Endgame

Brainstorm today!

Genre: Urban Fantasy

The lives of those past are tied to those present inextricably. History is not a holocaust, for there are ways of reintegrating those lost to its passing. The reaper’s scythe that carries off those whose time has passed can be stayed, and sometimes even reversed. Time is fluid. And the passage of years does not hide the truth from all.

The ancient masters, not immune to time’s flow, but expert in directing its ravages away from them, dwell in the heart of each city, reach place where humankind accelerates. And the master remains the same. Civilization is pushed forward by the power of time channeled by these mysterious ancients. But they have other plans. The future rests upon their thoughts, and they plan to have it.

Each age brings with it the ripples of these ancients. But who will the next master be in this world accelerated and controlled by the will of older shadows? In some massive city an investigator and a historian hunt for the truth of the reason technology has leapt forward. The truth of the masters is close, but it is also more lethal than these investigators can know.

In the darkness beyond the planet’s warmth a creature greater than any of these ancient masters waits, and its powers warp time far worse than ever seen by mortals. Cold and desolate, the moon hangs in the sky. And harbingers of years await to wield the scythe of ages.

* * *

Thought for the day: You’re life is the moment. All the rest is past or future.

Animal of the day: The Basset Hound
Because a cute, loyal animal can still be gassy.

Yesterday’s Words:
Wind moved across the terrace, gentle, but cold. Upright trees sighed around them. The dead bird’s feathers rustled.
Yajain shivered. “I guess not.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll do the hunting then.”

Album of the Day: American Pie by Don McLean
The title song is the most famous, but this album still rocks. And I’m not old enough to have heard it when it first came out.


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