My Dream Apocalypse

My dream last night features many a strange thing. But I say dream, not dreams, because I only remember the one, and it was a long one, and rather awesome in hindsight: a nearly complete story about how I fared in a post apocalyptic world from the moment I walked out my door and saw the bright boiling sky where the disaster had occurred in the distance. I swear after that, the dream made me feel old because it felt years long.

So I got a free movie. Sweet.

Now, I don’t normally try to write dream-based stories, but this one is tempting because of its totality. The only problem is the protagonist was me and not someone more capable of the things I like to read about. Perhaps its odd, but the whole thing started off scary with my fear of what had happened to all my friends and relatives when the sky burned.

I’ve had dreams like this before.

Apocalyptic dreams sometimes make me feel mighty, and sometimes they make me feel sick. This one combined the two in the sense that I did things I felt were strange. I started out worried about myself, my friends, and my family. But as the dream wore on I moved into a sense of excitement. I enjoyed the remains of the world a little bit more than may be healthy. But it was all just a dream.

There is something telling in this, in my opinion. The telling detail is that I started out worried, just as I am now. And then I moved into feeling powerful as well as alien to my worrying self. And I enjoyed the ride after that. Perhaps I’m trying to give myself advice in my dreams? I know why I need to do. Endure worry. Endure discomfort. Move forward toward seemingly distant confidence.

Perhaps I can make the good aspects of this dream more than a dream.

* * *
Thought for the day: True sleep brings peace with dreams.

Animal of the day: Panther
Because a black cat can also be a big cat.

Yesterday’s Words: (Main project again)
The last dinner guest arrived just after Yajain, a younger man with a long stern face, characteristic of dylarteps but also the feeler slits of an illsirree. He didn’t wear a uniform, but instead a white formal suit of the style Yajain recognized from the party. The black material of a heatsuit was visible at the end of each sleeve, however.

Album of the Day: The Silver Key by Ah Pook the Destroyer
This is an unusual one for me, a little independent progressive rock album based on a story by HP Lovecraft. It’s beautiful and strange and delights me.


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