Yesterday’s News

Days go by. Things are always changing. But for me I feel as though life is stuck in a cycle of laziness, relaxation, admonition, and attempt to work harder. Each week tells the same story, as they have for the past three months. This year does not feel so promising anymore.

I wish I could sunset this irritating cycle of laziness. It’s not they way I’ve always been. In fact, its purely temporary. But I don’t know how to move on. I can work. I can work. And yes, this morning is one of those mornings.

I had another dream last night, which relates to the thought for the day today. Basically in this dream, my father and I were passengers aboard a generation-ship, but we were only helping launch it. Then we’d return to Earth. But what my dad told me in this dream was interesting. He told me humanity had to explore the stars to bring what we love to different places. I my subconscious said that, not my father, but its still a fascinating point.

If we as humans share what we hate, we will inevitably focus on hatred. If we share what we love, perhaps our focus will shift toward love and joy. Wouldn’t that be better? I know I’ve been a complainer for much of my life. Its long past time to change that.

Oh my, yes.

The world of excitement is stifled by the worlds of frustration, disgust, and derision. I have long believed this. Joy is creative power. And hatred needs to become yesterday’s news, no matter how minor. In my life, hatred is useless for anything but stewing and muddling around. Hatred does not motivate me. How’s that for a revelation for one, who, as a boy, frequently focused on the negative side of life to the exclusion of all else.

In my dream a video played aboard the ship, showing beautiful places on Earth. I cried in the dream, because I knew the people who were spreading this joy would never see any of these places ever again. But I was luckier. My father and I left the ship to return to Earth. And we can still go places and see things here, perhaps one day to take the great journey ourselves.

Stranger things have happened.

* * *

Thought for the day: It’s up to the artists to share what they love with the world.

Animal of the day: The Bald Eagle
Because an animal can represent a country if its cool enough.

Yesterday’s Words: This feature is being discontinued for the time being. I’m mainly writing on a freelance project that I can’t share right now.

Album of the Day: Still Life by Opeth
This is a death metal album, and a progressive death metal album at that. It’s dark, and it tells a sad story. The music rocks, the death growls took me some getting used to, but are well worth getting to accept, and the clean vocals are, if anything, creepier than the death vocals.


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