Under New Management

Well its really still me. But I’m managing things differently. I hold the carrots out in front of my only employee, and I wield the stick without venom, but with consistency.

After my appointment this morning I’m going to be writing freelance. I write this here because freelance is sometimes hard to stay caught up on because of my other projects. I’ve never missed a deadline though, so lets pretend I didn’t just impugn my ability to do just that.

In addition to the deadline-meeting I’d say its time to turn back to my novel in a big way (once I’ve gotten deadline material out of the way for the day). Two chapters freelance and one for myself each day this week. How is that for a goal? It’s just over 6000 words. I can do it. It won’t always be easy, but when I’m done listening to the album of the day I’m going sound free until its done.

Lately I’ve discovered I write better and faster without music. It’s a sad revelation, but necessary. I will press forward, full steam and all that.

The new manager isn’t going to be a harsh manager, but he knows how to get stuff done.

That’s his job.

I’m used to the advice to treat the editor and writer as separate people, but the manager is to be a third personality in my fractured mind. He’s just like me, though he knows when to crack the whip and when to let up. Let me not raise a mutiny against this manager. Let me accept his word as law. The manager knows what I need to do, even if he can’t work the job himself.

He’s got a writer for that. Me.

* * *
Thought for the day: Run the other way!

Animal of the day: The Beaver
Because they can cut down trees with their faces so I don’t have much choice, even if I’ve already said beaver.

Album of the Day: Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche
This was one of the first albums that introduce me to the greatness of concept albums. I’d known about musical storytelling from listening to Harry Chapin when I was a kid on those long road trips to Pennsylvania. But Mindcrime introduced me to the hard rock concept album, and boy did it make an impression. Dark, sad, and yet beautiful, this album is rocked my world.


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