State of Peace

This morning I woke early from a beautiful dream. Very early indeed. But I spent some time reading so it took me some minutes to get to writing this post. Here am I as one who dreams things that he does not fully understand. And things that he dares not interpret. I kept telling myself it was all a dream throughout my sleep. And when I woke I knew I had been right.

It wasn’t exactly sense of pain or satisfaction that I felt. Dreams are ephemeral: Times past, times to come, times never to come.

But this time I awakened in peace.

How unusual that is. But this dream left me disappointed but not distressed. Why then could I say I had it? I can’t be certain.

No. I can’t really tell you anything else about it. But I woke in peace, and not in pain. As though a switch had been flipped to open my eyes. And for that I am grateful.

So here I am, in my chair before the sun rises. The fish swim in their tanks beside me. And the chill of winter’s last gasp keeps me sharp of senses. My wakefulness is nothing to complain about, but like all good things, should be embraced. For I woke up peacefully, and truly even thoughts that I’d like to bury didn’t hurt so much.

* * *

Thought for the day: Seek first the peace that comes from within yourself.

Animal of the day: The Crab
For it floats and swims and walks within seas both fierce and calm.

Album of the Day: Heart Full of Sky by Mostly Autumn
This album is one I’ve only listened to in a complete way this morning. But when wakes in a state of peace one knows things one does not know any other way. Perhaps this is the side of religion I’ve been missing most of my life. But regardless. This album is beautiful.


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