A Pressure Reduction

Let’s not mince words. Yesterday was a great day for me. I felt it most of the day because I got my work done.

It’s that simple. But I didn’t stress about things. And I didn’t have to work a lot. I powered up and I hit the word count. It rocked, and all for the freelance project I’ve enjoyed complaining about in the most unspecific ways.

I think reading before bed and early in the morning was what did it. I felt words at the end of the previous day and at he beginning of the new day. My work flowed from there.

In addition, I think there’s one other thing that contributed to my production of over 2000 words in just over an hour’s time: I stopped asking questions. I think lately I’ve been Hamlet too often. But yesterday I wasn’t looking at a tragic set of choices. I dove in to the job that needed doing. And I made a mark. That’s why today’s thought for the day is as it is. I think its an important part of how I managed to get stuff done yesterday.

Perhaps confidence can be distilled down to not questioning oneself.

I scored up another freelance assignment as well. So I’m working on that this morning. And then I’ll power through more writing this afternoon. All to the tune of some power metal followed by Coheed and Cambria… except when writing. ‘Cause writing needs silence, at least nowadays.

Making a note. Yesterday I saw the effects of turning things around the day before. I’m riding high on some success. But I gotta keep working or its all for not. We’re nearing the conclusion of these 60 days and I couldn’t be happier to discover something after all the darkness and soul-searching. Thanks all you readers! See you tomorrow!

* * *

Thought for the day: Ask fewer questions.

Animal of the day: The Duck
Because ducks float on water through supreme effort.

Album of the Day: Second Stage Turbine Blade by Coheed and Cambria
The first Coheed and Cambria album is one part alternarock, one part hard rock, and one part tragic science fiction and fantasy wackiness. Seriously. I haven’t read the associated comics, but everything I know about the story of this album is both dark and genre bending. It’s good music. Would have probably kicked my ass even more if I’d gotten into it as a teenager. As it is, I listen to Coheed and Cambria regularly, and all but the prequel album see regular rotation. That one, I just didn’t get into as much, but hey, today’s about Second Stage… So yeah. Ahem. Second Stage Turbine Blade rocks.


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