Error and Day 59

I made a mistake last night. I forgot to unwind by reading fiction as I remembered helps me so much. The result? A precipitous nervous nightmare. I should have known, but I was tired. That seems like a lousy excuse now, following my waking up in confusion and pain.

People make mistakes, and perhaps I make more than most.

At any rate, here I am.

Yesterday was all about freelancing. Today is all about me working on my own stories. I may be tired and aching, but I still have that powerful sense of advancement. So it’s time to write onward.

I’ve got stories to write, tales to tell.

And I apologize. I think I’m repeating myself. Blaming that on my lack of sleep thanks to my past self.

So today is day 59. I haven’t been counting every day, but its interesting now that I’m approaching the end. The end of what? Nothing really, just the sixty days. I plan to go on blogging daily because its just such fun and makes me feel well. I have successfully made this into a habit, and that bodes well indeed for my other attempts to form routines.

When the sixty days are over I will be rethinking features a bit. They are sometimes difficult and often feel somewhat silly, so I’ll be experimenting with different ones after this time is up. In addition, I may bring back yesterday’s words as a separate portion of the post since it is so potentially long. Or perhaps I’ll discuss the actual process more since I seem to be getting a handle on it again.

Thanks, all you readers, and a happy sunday to all of you!

* * *
Thought for the day: A little work now can save so much trouble later. Take time to do things right.

Animal of the day: The Fruit Bat
Because the world of the night is as varied as any other domain, and an animal can therefore look like one thing and be another.

Album of the Day: Addicted by The Devin Townsend Project
This album is the second one by the Devin Townsend Project, and the one that made Townsend my favorite artist for a long time. It’s largely about his struggle to get clean from his many any varied addictions, and he shines just as well, if not better, sober. Addictive tendencies run through most humans, but so also does the ability to fight those tendencies.


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