Day 60, Present and Future

At last we arrive at the final day of this experiment.

Over the course of the last 60 days I have blogged daily and I will continue to do so for the time being, just without the 60 days tag from tomorrow onward.

So, as for today…

I am not so worried as I was when these days started. Though I’ve had my share of lows through this time period I think I’ve made some progress, especially as reducing my fears go. The way to reduce fear is to distract myself with escapes from my own life. Fiction. The answer has been right under my nose this whole time. When I read a good book I’m transported elsewhere, and I also remember why I am doing what I can. I know this is already working for me because I’ve started turning out commensurately more writing by reading more.

The thrust of this post is toward the future. I didn’t get the amount written during these 60 days, but I am ready to do so in the coming weeks and months and years. I am going forward and thats priceless.

And yeah, one other thing: These poses over the past 60 days have numbered over 24,000 words. Just goes to show the thing more experienced writers are always telling newer writers: Writing every day gets words done.

See you tomorrow!

* * *

Thought for the day: Once we go beyond fear we can see the truth.

Animal of the day: The Elephant
Because in its proper place girth can be beautiful.

Album of the Day: Skyforger by Amorphis
This is a very atypical death or black metal album, focused on the Finnish folk epic, the Kalavela as several other albums by this same band do as well. Its heavy, but not so heavy as a lot of death metal, and has a lot of really good power-ish vocals in there too. That, combined with the epic theme makes me love this album.


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