New Art

By the ‘new arts’ I mean film and videogames, the youngest and most popular means of storytelling in the world as far as I can see.

Both are visual and production heavy. Compared to painting or writing or music they require far larger teams and far more investment of capital to make at the level one expects of a blockbuster, and often what seems like a lot to me at lower levels.

I’m not sure if I’ve brought it up on this blog before, but I went through a major drought where I played virtually no videogames over about two or three years, and before that I played very few for about six years. I’ve watched films through this period, but its pretty difficult for me to sit through most.

Anyway, that will show my bias for full disclosure.

Some have argued that the new arts are an improvement in storytelling.

I disagree. (Of course)

Mostly this disagreement is because for every advantage I see in each new art, I also see some kind of drawback. This post could get ranty, and its a little early in the day for that despite the lateness of this post. I suppose I’m going to leave it here. Most people don’t need to know the particulars of the flaws I see in film and videogames as media for storytelling. Starting arguments is not why I’m on here.

So please, I beg your pardon for above post. And good day to you all!

* * *

Thought for the day: Nothing is ever really ‘fixed’, but parts are replaced.

Album of the Day: Balls to Picasso by Bruce Dickinson
This album by the front man of Iron Maiden was one of the first albums I bought a physical CD for some eight or nine years ago. I enjoy this one a great deal, though most of its more hard rock than Iron Maiden-style metal. Tears of the Dragon is the best song on this one, but its all good.


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