Another morning where I felt immobilized trying to wake up. Another few sessions of reading fiction and I feel stronger already. Good writing group meeting last night, however brief.

But today’s post is about none of those things.

It’s about fantasy and a sense of the fantastic. I’m addicted to this in my own way, notably in making new things that provide me with that awe and wonder. My roleplaying game designing always come from a place of awe in its origins. Setting and places provide the awe along with a sense of the bizarre.

I practice drawing every now and then, but its not something I’m very skilled at. I used to do it with hopes of getting really good. I’ve gotten better, but more importantly my understanding of spacial relationships had improved a bit, at least when I consciously think that way. Now I’m okay, and I draw with the intent of envisioning something I see in my head more clearly. So I draw the fantastic.

Though fear cloys at my mind daily I continue to seek fantastic things, in the sense of fantasy and the unusual. And drawing lets me see some of these things, however imperfectly.

And I write for the same reason.

* * *

Thought for the day: Seek goodness and greatness.

Album of the Day: Dead End Kings by Katatonia
This album is dark, but Katatonia, also one of the few bands I’ve seen live, is awesome. Vocal styles are here are, I think, more accessible than on a lot of the albums I listen to because of the clean-ness of singing. Katatonia rocks, and this album is right up there.


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