Organization and Routine

I’m putting some of my old pre-2014 blog posts in order on my machine. They’d been kinda poorly set up, but now they’re all going into a single location. This doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it took some of my time this morning, so I figured I’d let you know.

I was told something interesting yesterday, more than one thing really, but the main one was that I like routine. It’s true, but I’ve been fighting it. Even though I blog fairly routinely since I started the 60 day challenge I have had a hard time getting the rest of my life on a schedule. Maybe that’s part of the problem: I used to think a routine needed to be a schedule and I’m still practicing otherwise. I’m trying to think of it more as an order of operations. So I eat before I read. Then I read before I blog. And I blog before I exercise. And I exercise before I write. That’s kinda the plan I’m working with at the moment.

I think if I can turn this into a routine (which has been easy so far, except for the crucial final step of writing) then I should be able to get used to hammering out the words I need to get down. I think not putting my work on a strict time schedule is probably going to help, but it will take a lot of practice of this routine to make it habitual. And until then it will be easy to break.

The stories I tell dig at my mind when I let them sit too long, though, so its time to get a work ethic in. Otherwise I’m just sitting around doing nothing far too much. I can’t afford that any longer, even if it was just the freelance work I’m engaged in, and it isn’t just that.

* * *

Thought for the day: Use your freedom to choose what is right for you.

Album of the Day: Hydra by Within Temptation
I actually don’t have much to say about this because I’m listening to it for the first time as I write this post. Its interesting and varied, and the frontwoman of the band sounds great. The rapping in one song kinda threw me, but not in an all bad way.


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