Alarm and Archive

I finished archiving the posts I started making on this blog from mid 2012 onward today. It’s much easier to look stuff up now, and it all appears more manageable. To be fair there aren’t that many posts back there, as doing one daily has equaled the post count of the past two years rather rapidly.

But enough of that.

I’m going back to using my alarm clock. And my phone as an alarm. One alarm isn’t enough to wake me up these days.

I have found I’m still more productive in the morning and if I don’t oversleep every day so much the better.

Perhaps I’m just more productive because I don’t worry as much in the morning. If that’s the case I need to keep track of why that is, though my current hypothesis is along the lines of my worrying the closer it gets to dinner time. I like dinner, but it always feels like the day is over after that. And the closer I get to the day being over the more anxious I get about getting my work done.

Anxiety is not a helpful coauthor, at least not for me.

Worry. Got to cut down on worry. I think if I worried and fretted less I’d be free to write a lot more. My most productive writing sessions did not include worries and fears. I didn’t ask myself: “Am I doing this right?”

I. Just. Wrote.

So perhaps the advice to just write is as sound as the speakers who bring it up would have it be.

Once, a peer in college told me he thought I was brave to write. I told him I didn’t think it took courage to write. I thought he was wrong. Of course, now I think we were both wrong. I wasn’t brave, I was stupid. But bravery, courage, and persistence are undoubtedly important elements of a writer’s personality when it comes to achieving success. Success means finishing stories in this case.

Courage is to ignore fear.

When I was stupid I simply didn’t know fear. But now that I know fear I need to be courageous to ignore it.

And these alarms will wake me up every day at least until I can do that.

* * *

Thought for the day: Humanity is a monster, but individual humans are heroes.

Album of the Day: Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater
I was obsessed with Dream Theater in High School, and this album solidified that quite a bit (I was especially into the song “Solitary Shell”, which is about an autistic person). I think a lot of the tracks on it are cheesy or weird, but its good solid music, however strange it may be. I like the second disk a lot better than the first in general. But its all good.


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