Today is a day of much writing ahead. I’ll be busy from around 9 to whenever I go to bed most likely.

Had another night of better sleep with a lot of kinda terrible dreams at the same time. Oh well, kinda terrible dreams are my bread and butter. All the work I have ahead of me should be manageable though. Because this time, for the freelance project, I have an outline.

Outlining is something I’ve been avoiding lately, because I saw how it sucked the joy out of one of my earlier novels that I outlined heavily. But for this freelance project its far more important just to get stuff done. It still has to be good, but I have enough trouble working with someone else’s ideas without knowing the way to go in advance.

So I wrote up an outline yesterday. And today I’m gonna move forward even further.

There hasn’t been a reason not to work a lot. There has only been the excuses I’ve come up with in the past.

I’m free to work. That much is true.

* * *

Thought for the day: A busy mind is a happy mind.

Album of the Day: Fortress by Protest the Hero
Perhaps my favorite Protest the Hero album is heavy, powerful, and fierce. This Canadian math metal rocked my world when I first heard them on the album Kezia and they just got better with this release. Same style, but even cooler song writing, in my opinion.


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