World Play

So I did over 2000 words in the freelance story yesterday. That’s super. I’m on track. I’m going to write more in this vein today, but I’ve also been thinking about a bunch of setting stuff, the kind of thing people sometimes refer to as ‘story worlds’.

I’ve written along this line before because this is my favorite part of the story creation process. I make worlds just for fun sometimes, and often I take them apart and recombine them later.

That’s one of the things I did yesterday.

I’ve been working to combine two urban fantasy settings. Both the settings I was working with yesterday were huge in scope, consisting of multiple universes in a multiverse setup. Normally I don’t see the point of a multiverse for a few reasons. If the rules are very different between worlds to the point that they might all be separate then just leaving them separate is my preference. If the story doesn’t have scope to cover the multiverse then it doesn’t need it. Linking worlds with different main stories gets weird to me.

Oh well.

I enjoyed the melding process, and I’m sorry about being silent as to the settings for the most part. But they were both big, and now they are one enormous cosmology and one enormous continuity. I enjoyed the process despite the difficulty in making things fit. Perhaps its good to take on a more difficult task than I usually do too.

* * *

Thought for the day: Sometimes life is a matter of scale.

Album of the day: The Theory of Everything by Ayreon
This is the latest Ayreon album, and boy is it a good one. It’s a concept album outside the continuity of the previous Ayreon universe. It rocks with intensity and is possibly the best Ayreon album (Though “The Human Equation” and the binary number titled one are also great). It’s awesome to see the work get better and better with time.


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