Echoes of Like

Years of deciding between things I like and don’t like has resulted in a weird internal world where preferences rule. This internal world provides problems where otherwise none might exist. At one point these problems were with other people because of their preferences differing (or being too similar but not exactly the same), but usually these problems remain in my own mind where they deal relatively little visible damage. Or don’t they?

In the grand scheme of things preference doesn’t matter so much. We’re all people first, right? In any case, I tend to have a preference for things that many people might say are creepy, or visually ugly. Case in point: The Dog Daemon ( But despite that I don’t really like to be scared. I guess it turns out that I’ve been trained to find different things interesting or exciting. And maybe some of those things are Dog Daemons. It might have something to do with my early on discovery of Warhammer 40,000 and other darker games. But you see, those preferences hardly mean much to my relationships with other people. It’s not a problem either, though.

Every now and then its easy to forget that preferences are little things. Personally I’d take that a level further. I’d say even the preferences of a person on big things shouldn’t matter so much even for big things like politics or religion. I’m probably in a minority here, but it doesn’t really matter to me what religion someone is or what party they support (at least in American politics. I will admit that politics can sometimes have big consequences, but in the United States… whatever not gonna go there right now). I think if we just evaluated people on what we can assume from within ourselves in generalities rather than specifics we might get along better.

For example: Generally we can assume every person is a human. I think that’s a fair assumption. We can assume everyone has a good reason for doing the things they do. Again, I think this is fair to assume. We cannot assume that because someone is a Protestant they like to eat babies. In fact, it might be safer to assume the opposite: That they prefer the same sort of food as Catholics. I use a silly example, but just a splitting of the hairs can be a bigger problem than any actual difference in people.

And in the end, what is a preference? Is it a memory of a reaction? If its based on memory than it is merely information. And information that is generated without deliberation or aim is not the sort of thing we should fight over. Even that which we think about a lot is relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things. People seek divisions it seems, and division is not always harmful, but some of the nonsense people go through in their lives could be reduced with a little thought to the similarities we all share rather than opinions which provide excuses for division.

* * *

Thought for the day: Our attitudes are under our control.

Album of the day: Ghost by Devin Townsend Project
A quiet ambient album with a lot of pretty sounds is pretty unusual for a Devin Townsend album, but this one works so well its hard for me to even explain it. It’s the fourth album he and the project did since he got clean, and boy is it peaceful and beautiful.


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