Setting Storm: Seos and Shelled

A world dominated by ash and dust. A shelled species. And steam driven giants.

Barbaric humans roam the wilds in search of water while the shelled wage war over vast regions of the globe. The shelled wield mighty weapons and dominate the planet’s resources. Humanity struggles through the chaos created by these wars and weapons, with no chance of mounting their own resistance against either side of this massive war.

That is, until a young woman discovers the ancient war machine Seos, one of several gargantuan mechanical men with artificial minds long dormant for lack of fuel. Once powered by a small band of barbarians, Seos provides the means to fight back against the shelled.

As humanity marches toward freedom the shelled begin to see them as a threat and respond with legions of advanced weapons. Seos and the other giants are running on steam instead of the advanced power cells they were originally designed to use, but the humans are determined and there is no going back from their insurrection.

Can humanity win the day? And what will be the cost?

* * *

Thought for the day: Politics can inform art and science, but do not mistake it for art or science.

Album of the day: Skyforger by Amorphis
For some reason I feel as though I’ve mentioned this one before. I’m listening to it this morning, and looking back through 70+ blog posts isn’t on my agenda this morning. Anyway, it’s an excellent black metal album, and not as dark as most in the subgenre. It’s got some great clean vocals and tells an interesting story from the Finnish folk epic the Kalavela. I’ve been listening to Amorphis for five years or so and this is my favorite of theirs.


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