Broadcasts from the Internet

I listen to a lot of podcasts and music. All this stuff sometimes gets in the way of writing but thats not what today is about.

It’s about those podcasts and my recent change over from listening to writing podcasts almost to exclusion.

I’m trying to consume more stories rather than advice on writing stories. Ever since I noticed that people who read or have read more than I do seem to be more skillful writers than their time actually practicing the craft would indicate its been important to me to try to catch up.

So I’ve been listening to my old copy of Scott Sigler’s, The Rookie, which is sadly incomplete, as well as some of the more recent podcasts and audio dramas available online. I have a friend who, at least for a while, has been very involved with audio dramas like Edict Zero and Wormwood. Personally I find those two a little disconcerting because of the lack of narration. I sometimes have trouble telling what action is occurring especially in Edict Zero. Lately I’ve been listening to Abigail Hilton’s Cowry Catchers, which is an audio drama-style recording of a series of stories and features narration. It seemed odd to me at first, but that feature really helps me follow the story better. Cowry Catchers is an odd story, and though the writing-style isn’t always perfect, the characters are very well done and the world is interesting.

So it’s Good Friday today. In the Catholic and at least some Protestant denominations this is when we fast and pay respects as the anniversary of Jesus’ death on the cross. These are the hardest services in the entire year for me, but also the most important.

I have work to get to before that, so I’m off. Have a good day everyone, regardless of your beliefs.

* * *

Thought for the day: Be alert for trouble, and for opportunity.

Album of the day: Lost in the New Real by Arjen Anthony Lucassen
This solo album by the main man behind the supergroup Ayreon is very diverse. It’s got some interesting covers and amusing science fiction introductions spoken by Rutger Hauer.


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