Current Projects

Got another freelance job yesterday, but its a little one.

I still have the other project to work on, and that comes first.

Then there are the many stories I need to work on.

…A novella I’ll tell you more about in the future for sure.

…A fantasy setting with a lot of weird elements.

…A more intensely weird urban fantasy setting.

…And of course the novel I’ve still got to finish.

And with all these projects I have my least favorite first. There’s a lot of work to be done on all of these. I’m enjoying the process of organizing the work, but I have a lot to do here in Pennsylvania (mostly relaxation) before I get going on any of these seriously again.

But yeah, I have work to do.

* * *
Thought for the day: Awareness can be a burden.

Album of the day: Cultosaurus Erectus by Blue Oyster Cult
From the first song, “Black Blade” to “Deadline” this album is just perfect, and after that I still enjoy it immensely. I’m a big fan of Blue Oyster Cult, and especially this album and the later, Imaginos.


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