Aging 2014

Last night my extended family celebrated by Grandmother’s 90th birthday wih a party. And this morning I feel tired and slow. Coincidence? Not a chance. But it was an excellent party.

Aging scares me, despite the fact that it is just nature. All things change through time. And humans have many problems that diminish when we grow up, but that return should we have the fortune to grow old.

At my grandparents’ house it seems everything is about age. Images of children and babies and of course my two most elderly living relatives, Grandpa at 95, and Grandma at 90.

I’ll be here for a few more days. And maybe I’ll get some work done in that time. I’m not counting on a lot, though.

I’m relaxing and preparing for a strong return to the work when I go back home.

And today I celebrate Easter Sunday. For those of you who do the same, have a happy easter. For those who don’t, go about your Sunday and enjoy.

* * *

Thought for the day: We all wear our attitudes like clothes, but it can be more difficult to change them.

Album of the day: Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother
Good clean fun, a rock album more than their first one which was more on the metal side.


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